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Worship Arts | Choir Wednesdays @ 6:00 & Band Thursdays @ 6:00

Our goal is not perfection.  Our goal is EXCELLENCE (and excellence is a moving target).

Our worship arts ministry is composed of dedicated and committed artists who offer their God-given gifts as members of the Choir and Praise Band.  Through the arts, we remember God's saving actions and anticipate the completion of God's saving work.

-Choir:  Our Choir consists of various soprano, alto, tenor, and base voices that perform weekly anthems at the 11:00AM Traditional Service.  Choir rehearsals are held on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm (unless otherwise noted).  All voices (good and not-so-good) are welcome to join.  As long as you are a living, breathing creature, you can praise God!

-Band:  Our Praise Band is composed of various instrument players and vocalists.  Music from the band is more contemporary and is featured in the 9:00AM Contemporary Service.  We are always looking for more instrumentalists (you don't have to dedicate yourself to every Sunday).  Our band practices on Thursdays at 6:00PM.

The first Sunday of each month (and some holidays), our two groups combine together for one glorious musical celebration.  During these services, we praise God with both contemporary and traditional music.

Please be sure to check back regularly for updated calendars.

If you would like to purchase a song/anthem in dedication for a loved one, please contact us.

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